Long-Term Aims

The Faculty of Central European Studies (FCES) was founded in 2003 and it is the youngest faculty of the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. Its establishment was the result of previous efforts to unify the training of Hungarian teachers within the university, which had had fifty years of tradition, but its structure had needed to meet the requirements of the constantly and rapidly changing social environment. The mission of the faculty is on the one hand the preparation of future teachers as well as experts who can communicate in several languages, and on the other hand are able to assert themselves in various fields of culture, government and tourism.

In accordance with the tasks mentioned we have been extending the range of our study programs. Thanks to major domestic and foreign professionals working at the faculty, our graduates receive diplomas recognized both on national and international level.

In parallel with our educational activities we aim to focus on the scientific research as well. We address domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, and NGOs with scientific research projects. Our educational and scientific programs are based on the preferences of the Central European cultural area.

The basic philosophy of our long-term plan is to transform the faculty into a modern and dynamically developing institution.

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