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How to start doing business in the gastro industry?

on 25 October 2018, we took part in the lecture called „How to start a business in gastronomy“. A married couple, Lucia and Tomáš Šajgal the owners of the first Slovak foodtrailer BODKA donut point, were talking about their own experience in gastronomy. Despite the fact that they have been running the business for four months only,

Mr Šajgal has been working in gastronomy since he was 13. He worked for top restaurants in Bratislava, for example for the UFO and FOU ZOO. Today, he specializes in sommelier services. He gave a description of the current gastro scene and presented rules of success on the market. We came to know a little bit of his know-how. According to him, the first rule of success is not to be afraid to start and recommended not to wait for the right moment because it does not exist. Marketing is surely the most important part in starting a business. Last but not least, it is also a team of smart people and a stroke of luck. Everyone can succeed if they enjoy their work and believe in it.
On behalf of the third year students, I would like to express many thanks to Mr and Mrs Šajgal not only for giving us the inspiring lecture but also the time they spent among us and giving us an actual insight into the current trends in gastronomy business.

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