Current topics and trends in hotel industry

On April 09, 2019, we attended the invited lecture about Current topics and trends in the hotel industry. The invitation was accepted by Ing. Jaroslav Kubaľa, PhD. At the beginning of the lecture he talked about how he worked his way up to the position of hotel director. He also told us about managing hotels and the ski resort at the same time.

He currently works as the director of two hotels. Firstly, he introduced the Mountain Hotel Sliezsky dom, which is the highest-altitude mountain hotel in Slovakia. It lies at 1670 m above sea level. To this hotel, people are taken by snowmobiles or jeeps. This hotel has 44 rooms with 97 beds. It offers various activities related to hiking and adrenaline sports. As a second hotel, he presented Salamandra Hotel & Resort. Salamandra Resort is a part of this hotel, which is the lowest located ski resort in Slovakia with a four-chair ski lift. The hotel has 56 rooms and 122 beds. It also offers various activities related to the sports themes and adrenaline sports, as well as various leisure and relaxation activities. This company offers three hotels located in Croatia. They are trying to develop a small international network of hotels in Slovakia. Their plan is to continue to add and develop products and their quality in all hotels.

We are grateful that Mr Kubaľa accepted our invitation, we have learned a lot of interesting information and now we have a new perspective on work in the hotel industry.


Text: Miriam Magulicová, 2RCR
Photo: Ing. Ľudmila Mazúchová, PhD.

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