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Lecture on beer sommelier

On February 19th, 2019, we took part in a lecture on beer sommelier within the subject of sommelier. The invitation was accepted by Ing. Jozef Sivák who is the commercial director of the Erb brewery in Banská Štiavnica. They work with over thirty of the best hotels and restaurants in Slovakia.

However, the brewery refuses any cooperation with business chains. First of all, Mr. Sivák told us the main information about the ERB company founded in 2008. At the beginning of the lecture, each student got three cups for tasting three different types of beer. We also had the opportunity to taste cheese and coffee powder. These products helped to determine the taste of the sample. The first beer we tasted was the alcoholic one, which had golden-yellow colour with a pleasant, balanced and warm taste. Secondly, we tasted non-alcoholic beer, which was unlike the first one, more aromatic and bitter. In this beer we could sense blackcurrant and flowers. The last beer called Braxatoris was specific due to its dark-brown colour and sweet mango flavour.

The lecture was very interesting and enriching. We have learned about a family business, about their history and establishment, as well as about proper hygiene in breweries and choosing beer for different meals. Step by step we learned how to taste beer appropriately. This way I would like to thank Mr. Sivák for the interesting lecture, his willingness to come among us and to talk about the process of production, processing, correct beer tapping, tasting and the distribution of beer.


Text: Kristina Štouračová, 3RCR
Photos: Natália Matejčíková, 3RCR

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