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Projects are an important means of promoting creative activities.

Applying the latest research findings to current university education is not only an attractive but also an innovative process. According to the quality indicators, the faculty has achieved a good level of project activity in major national and international research, cultural and educational projects over the last five years (2017-2022).

During this period, the faculty has implemented 8 VEGA projects, 2 KEGA projects and several development projects with the support of the Ministry of Education. In addition, we have participated in several projects of other ministries, in more than 10 national cultural and educational projects. Research projects abroad were also very important, the main ones being Erasmus+ projects, but there were also projects supported by the Homeland Fund and the Visegrad Fund and 1 Structural Fund project. The ongoing projects in the period 2017-2022 can be appreciated not only as an important transfer of new information, but also for their strategic importance in the modernisation and development of the technical infrastructure of the faculty. The projects are registered through the UKF computer system, which collects all the basic information on them, including authors and financial guarantees.

There are currently a number of international projects under evaluation, including Interreg and Horizon Europe Programme projects.

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