Is it possible to apply to more than one study programme or university? If so, are all application fees paid?
Yes, it is possible to apply for more than one study programme at the same university or to apply to more than one university. Generally, only one study programme can be indicated on one application form. Applicants may apply using either a printed application form (we recommend using the current version of the form) or an electronic application form. The applicant pays the administrative fee associated with the application for studies in the amount specified for the chosen study programme. The applicant pays the fee separately for each application submitted, fees for the electronic applications are usually lower.

To which faculty does a student in the interprofessional teacher education program belong?
Students in the teacher education programs are students of the faculty to which the first endorsement course belongs. For example, students of the Teaching of Hungarian Language and Literature and English Language and Literature programmes who study Hungarian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Central European Studies and English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Arts are students of the Faculty of Central European Studies.

What are the accommodation options in the dormitory?
The Halls of Residence of the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra are able to provide accommodation for 1800 students. However, students can also take advantage of the possibility of accommodation in the accommodation facilities of university’s partners (e.g. secondary school dormitories) or in external accommodation. Decisive for the allocation of accommodation in student residences are criteria such as distance from the place of residence, academic performance, etc. Accommodation costs approximately 50-60 EUR per month.

What is meant by practice-oriented higher education?
An important part of the study programmes at our faculty is pedagogical or professional practice. During the pedagogical or professional practice, students gain valuable experience that they can use in their further studies or future employment. In an effort to closely integrate theory and practice, the subjects of each study programmes have been developed in accordance with the requirements of practice and the labour market.

What subjects do the entrance exams consist of?
The allocation of points in the entrance examinations is carried out in accordance with the criteria set out in the Admissions Policy, which are decisive for the ranking of applicants within individual study programmes. The Admissions Policy is available on the Faculty's website.

Are the results of SCIO NPS testing accepted?
Yes, they can partially or completely replace the entrance exam. The exact conditions are set out in the Admissions Policy.

Who is obliged to pay tuition fees?
Full-time students who study during the standard length of their studies do not pay tuition fees. The obligation to pay tuition fees is imposed on those students who exceed the standard length of their studies. For example, the standard length of study for full-time bachelor's degree programmes is three years. If a student studies a Bachelor's degree for four years, he or she must pay tuition fees for the fourth year.

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